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Flooding in Cape Coral

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When purchasing the home we got to know that the property is in a flood hazard zone but we didn't expect so much water. ... and we didn't expect having this experience shortly after the purchase. According to the Facebook group discussions something like this hasn't been experienced since more than 30 years. surprised

The flooding is a result of heavy and continuous rains thru the past days. Even though it looks dramatic there's actually no danger indicated for life-safety or property damage as per CapeCops.com. While the South of Cape Coral the situation is not critical, the situation in the NW is even worse. Probably because the NW is not desired as a flood hazard zone and infrastructural measures (e.g. drains, sea walls) taken in the south are not available there. We observe the situation and are particularly in contact with our tenants and property management.

The police of Cape Coral provides updated information on closed roads and safety instruction on a dedicated website: https://www.capecops.com/flooding

As the drinking water could be affected by drained water, the utilities department of the City of Cape Coral also provides information on hazardous zones. In such zones it is highly recommend to boil the water before drinking. Even if no boil water notice is given for a certain area please give attention to uncertain smell, taste or color of the water! In case of the latter please boil your water before using to avoid any problems and report the issue to 239-242-3410. More information can be found also here: http://www.capecoral.net/department/utilities_department/boil_water_notice.php

And here's a small gallery of pictures taken by our tenants. Thanks for sharing!

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