1140 SW 39th St, Cape Coral, FL

Interim update bathroom remodel

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Master bath remodel Master bath remodel Villa Waterway Dream

The new bathroom are getting in shape again.

On April, 6th was the start of another project in our home. Everything got removed to the core to give room for the new layout we planned. Unfortunately - again - we had to realize there was a desperate need for the renovation. Leaky windows let water in for a longer time and forced us to remove the wall construction and the ceiling. surprised So we replaced the windows in the bathroom immediately. Meanwhile the drywall construction is almost completed and give an idea how the bathrooms will look like already. Check out the video below for a first impression.

Next week, the tiles are going to be installed. smile

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Master bath remodel Villa Waterway Dream
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3 bedrooms (up to 7 adults)
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