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Retrospective 2019, merry Christmas and a happy New Year

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Christmas in Florida Christmas in Florida Villa Waterway Dream

Another exciting year comes to an end.

Since almost three years we're proud owners of our Villa "Waterway Dream" and are committed to an unforgettable vacation for our guests - with love and passion. smile After the renovation and all the obvious changes in and around the house, we're now taking particularly the smaller not as obvious things in consideration. In this article you'll find out more about the changes of 2019.

In December 2018 a storm passed our home. You may remember the pictures of the damaged cage, a few days before Christmas. We considered this as a comparably smaller damage. However, during our stay in June, we found that this storm also caused a damage to the roof. In September the roof got replaced, though. So right before the peak of the hurricane season, we got everything fixed and you'll be safe and stay dry during your stay. wink During our short stay we also managed to get a water filtration installed. While the water of the City of Cape Coral is basically very good, the pipes are cleaned from time to time with Chlorine which may cause a certain taste. The filtration system now takes care of all such residues and provides you with perfect water out of every faucet. For the lovers of water with gas, we also purchased a SodaStream allowing you to sparkle your water right on your demand and as you like. Thus, you may remove drinking water from your shopping list and will reduce the amount of single use plastic without any losses.

Even though we already replaced old electric appliances right after we took over the home, the relevance of the topic 'environment' increased thru this year and is now probably more present than ever. With respect to the red tide and blue-green algae issues in 2018, things actually changed, especially in southwest Florida, which is understandable knowing that tourism is an important factor and people are moving down to Florida for retirement. smile For instance policies are in effect prohibiting use of certain fertilizer in the rainy season. Also more and more cycle tracks are developed. Since August we therefore provide 2 new bikes of Trek. The bikes are registered and are covered with a maintenance plan. Unless caused by accident or misuse, defects will be repaired in the Trek bike store in Cape Coral free of charge. Thus you can be sure to be back on track very quickly. In case you need more than the 2 bikes, you may rent bikes there for your stay for a fair rental fee. cool

Another contribution to the environment are our freshwater mini-reefs - the first of it's kind. These artificial reefs of Ocean Habitat create a habitat for marine life. As these build their homes in these reefs, the water flowing thru will be filtered naturally. During our stay in December we were able to observe some fish in the reefs. We're curious to see how the water quality and marine life will develop. In 2020 we hope to 'plant' the duckweed in the greenhouse unit on the top of the reefs. One of the outstanding characteristics of duckweed is to take nutrients feeding the algae out of the water and thus causing less algae blooms and hopefully prevents from the issues of 2018 - at least to a certain extent. The prototype was designed by Ocean Habitat and Garett Stuart (alias Captain Planet and founder of the non-profit The Eco Preservation Project) on our demand.

As one of the last projects for this year, we got the fences to the left and right of the home fixed. Hurricane Irma damaged both. The time was ripe to replace them finally and improve the look of the front of the home. wink

We wish all our guests and friends of the Villa "Waterway Dream" a merry Christmas and all the best for the new year! We're looking forward to another exciting year 2020!!!

Grace & Steve

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