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Good resolutions for the future

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Finally, another exciting year comes to an end.

Apart from all changes we had to observe a natural disaster this year. Like when Irma approached last year, we were touched this year when the blue-green algae and the red tide made their way to Florida. Marine life suffered severely along the Gulf coast. Red tide itself is a somewhat natural effect that can be observed in very warm waters. Under this circumstances the red algae grows very fast and take the oxygene from the surrounding water. Marine life suffers accordingly. The blue-green algae is a different story. Its habitat is the fresh water. One explanation of the bloom of this year is the quality of the water coming from Lake O heading to the Gulf. This is less natural but caused by human itself.

We love Florida and didn't just want to understand what happens but wanted to help, wanted to take our responsibility towards this beautiful state seriously. So we found "The Captain Planet Project", meanwhile renamed to "The Eco Preservation Project". Garett Stuart, the lead of this project, is an Algae Scientist and did some very good explanation of what happened, why it happened now and what we all can do. He convinced us by the authentic, serious way he does this. He does not only provide good information but also education to school classes on environment preservation. Since we couldn't be in Florida to help first hand, we decided to give a donation to his organization in July.

For Christmas we normally send small presents to our guests. This year we decided not to do so. We'll support "The Eco Preservation Project" instead with another donation. We hope that we'll have the chance to meet Garett thru our stay. smile

But sending money is not the only way to take care of Florida and our environment at all.  E.g. saving energy: We replaced all appliances with energy efficient ones. We replaced the A/C and made our home a little smarter to turn off the A/C when the doors are open. This year we replaced the solar panels so you can heat the pool using solar power. We replaced most lights with LED too. But we also want to encourage our guests to consider and preserve the nature. Therefore we provide you with reuseable bags and cool bags as well as collapsible boxes for your shopping during your stay to avoid waste of plastic bags. We're convinced that everyone can do a little to preserve. It's not our earth, it's the earth of our children! kiss

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