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Retrospection 2018

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Changes 2018 Changes 2018 Talisa Piskulic

The end of the second year in the role of a home owner in Florida gets closer. Like last year, 2018 was a year of changes and not less emotional. laughing

Probably you checked for updates already and didn't find any. That's not because nothing happened - the opposite is true. This year also brought changes in professional and private life for us. We a professional opportunity and packed our things and moved to Hungary for at least 3 years. Therefore we primarily posted updates on Facebook and replaced the pictures on our website at least. However, we take your feedback very serious and try to realize whenever possible. Many of your feedback got implented as you can read in this article. Thanks for your honest feedback! smile

What happened though?

The most obvious change is the face of the building. It's not only refreshed but also not really ordinary painted. However, we have to admit that the blue doors weren't planned at all. We asked the painter to paint the main areas in the yellow tone and everything that was colored in gray he should paint with the blue tone. What we forgot at that time was the color of the doors: gray. Well, if you ask a painter in Germany to paint your home doors are normally out of scope - except you ask for. So it came that the doors got painted in blue - well fitting to the color of our mailbox. We love it! coolwink At the same time we got the pool deck and lanai repainted.

Apart from that many changes happened inside as well. In the bedrooms the left elements got replaced: head boards, nightstand, lamps and the dresser. Outside you can find a rug below the table, inside there's a new table in the kitchen. The new table is extendable and offers seating for up to 6 persons. To safe some space it can be collapsed with a self-storage leaf. The additional chairs can be stowed away in one of the walk-in closets. In the kitchen you'll also find new cookware and utensils. Also we replaced the bar stools with modern, collor-fitted ones. We replaced all ceiling fans by those with integrated LED lights for reduced energy usage. For all beds we organized new pillows and more than that we also organized different types of pillows. So everyone should find the right pillow. wink In the master bedroom we placed a chair. The clou is: it's convertible. Thus young families can use it for chldren that should sleep in the parents bedroom but are to big for a travel bed already. Or just as another sleeping accomodation for a seventh person. A big, gib thank you to our property management! smile

In the next days and weeks till the end of the year, more changes will come. It's already obvious that this year was another year full of changes. We hope you like it as we do. smile

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