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A world of mugs

Simply put: We're collectors of the Starbucks City Mugs of the countries and cities we visited.


It started during a short term assignment in Beijing, China. While exploring the cities and areas of China on the weekends we constantly noticed Starbucks stores. Finally we noticed that they offer those collectors cups of the country or city you currently are which are almost only offered at the local stores. At this point we already did lots of tours thru the country. The collection of China is rather small, though.


But still this was when it all began. We love to travel the world. Many if not most of the people search for a souvenir to bring along from their trips. However, the classical souvenirs mostly are only dusting in the shelf. This is why we love to collect those mugs. They are not only good looking but also serve as a starter in coversation with friends about their experiences of a certain country, city or planned trips.


Take a look at our little collection and feel free to leave a comment. If you're going to stay in our villa we'd be happy if you bring a cup of your home town or region. ☺ We're curious!

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Around in China

As mentioned, we began to collect the mugs during a short term assignment in Beijing, the capital of China.


Hong Kong and Macao will always be a special memory for us. The weather was just perfect. But even more facinating are the scenic and cultural diversity. We really hope to be there once again in the future. ☺

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Beaches in Cape Coral, Ft. Myers Beach, Sanibel, Captiva, Bonita Springs & Naples
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