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Board games

Yes, there are still board games available, traditional board games - off the modern games provided by computers, Playstation and Co. We're fans of the classical form of games. Only because the Internationale Spieletage in Essen, the biggest international trade fair for board games and place to meet with "board game geeks", is not really suitable for having toddlers with you, we currently kind of pause this hobby. But the available collection of more than 200 board games provides sufficient variety. ☺ If you'd like to know more about our collection, you may take a look at our inventory here.

We're convinced that a comfy game session with your beloved on the lanai is a great thing. Especially during vacation it's very easy to find the time and can have joyful hours. As we also believe that almost nobody would pack a big board game box into his or her luggage, we provide you with a small selection of board games in the villa. Except few classical board games we primarily provide you with such off the mainstream. We'd be happy to spark your interest in board games, especially with those uncommon games.

If you test one of the games while staying in our villa we'd be happy to hear how you liked it and who won. Have fun!

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